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With many different und specialized products we supply hundreds of customers and support them with first class and reliable technology for better electronic business. We have the perfect ecommerce solution in store to exactly meet our clients needs.


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Online shopping is a form of electronic commerce whereby consumers directly buy goods or services from a seller over the Internet without an intermediary service. An online shop, eshop, e-store, Internet shop, webshop, webstore, online store, or virtual store evokes the physical analogy of buying products or services at a bricks-and-mortar retailer or shopping centre. More than seven out of 10 internet users are online buyers, and the gap is slowly narrowing. In 2011, 148 million US consumers ages 14 and older will make at least one purchase online, according to market research estimates.

Shop Solution 24 products not only give your business an unique address at the Internet but a powerful and easy-to-use pre-installed Shop Software in a fast and reliable hosting environment. You can select from build-in templates to give your shop the personal outlook. Choose categories for your products and upload single items or a complete catalogue. Launch out into a new generation of sales activities and gain more profits due to ecommerce with completely pre-defined and ready-to-use solutions, for a world wide audience.

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The Business Support Services let you manage your daily administrative activities and visualize all aspects of business in one system and futhermore give you the availability to expand your online business administration and sales activities within your shop hosting solution and the focus on customer response management, invoicing, address management and product databases...

With pre-installed and ready-to-use configured Business Solutions you can start to manage your business activities. Many features will assist you in your daily work and offer limitless collaboration across distant offices world wide. Working with our business solutions is simple, effective and requires no software installation on your computer. An access to critical customer data, and sales stats, accounting data or warehouse management from any browser, directly over the Internet to any authorized employee is possible and mandatory to build the administration on solid pillars for a sustainable business growth!

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Create greater interest with our electronic Flipping Book Solution and present your actual offers, your restaurant menu card or monthly product offers for your market , professionally presented in form of a product and service catalogue which make it easier for your customers to access the required information, prepared with a professional flash solution. Decide how you are going to use the flip book presentation, Online or Offline and order the appropriate package with fully setup and customized content service:


  •    Product & Service Catalogue -

        Advertise your products in a brightly product flip catalogue...

  •    Menu Card - Restaurants, Service Portfolio, Product Handbook

        We optimize your presentation needs with electronic solutions...

  •    Product Flyer & Periodical Marketing Campaigns

        Professional designed with periodical update service for purchasing incentive...

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Gain more success with your Online Shop, your products or while increasing direct sales! With our qualified marketing concepts we will help you grow in the Internet and open a variety of sales channels to perform targeted marketing speeches. Reach more customers and sell more products within the following opportunities:


  •    Product Marketing

        We provide a successful implementation concept to increase your sales on a product

  •    Shop Marketing

        We advertise your store by smart Advertising Solutions and Search Engine Optimization

  •    Sales Marketing

        We support your sales by reaching a greater audience of potential customers

Contact us to learn more about the marketing activities from our experienced staff. For our customers with Hosted Shop Solution are special prices with loyalty discount available.

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Choose from more than 300 international domains and let us register for you in real-time!


The domain name is the flagship of your company, an individual name or a service and provides a crucial competitive advantage in the global business market. With our Domain Registration Service you will benefit from several free inclusive services. Enjoy our real-time on-demand registration service to protect you desired and strategical planned domain name according to your business, product or projects name.

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The Promotional Offers are available for limited time only and can be used in accordance with every Shop Hosting Package offered in the products area of this website. The services offered as a special promotion is to top-up your existing product, means you must be an existing customer. Benefit from today's great discounts for the perfect upgrade of your package and save by price reduction for a limited time only!


Benefit from Upgrades & Service Additions:


  • Individual Shopdesign

  • Brand-, Logo-, Graphic Works

  • Marketing Campaign Management

  • Resource & Feature Upgrades

  • Shop Add-Ons & Service Extensions

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All prices quoted are final prices and include EU VAT depending on customer location within the EU. For customers based in Germany we do not charge the German sales tax, and consequently do not account it according to the 19 UStG (German small-business regulation). The products and services described on this website do not represent a legally binding offer until full acceptance by us. For digital goods delivery follow through the Internet. Web Hosting, Domains and Web Design are subject to the respective conditions additional to the Terms of Service.


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